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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 18075:2024

Elastične, tekstilne, laminatne i mehanički povezane modularne podne obloge - Cirkularna ekonomija i održivost - Preporuke/smernice za projektovanje

Resilient, textile, laminate and modular mechanical locked floor coverings - Circular economy and sustainability - Recommendations/guidelines for design

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50.20     18. 4. 2024.

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The aim of this document is to provide general recommendations and guidelines on how to design a product to optimize its reuse and recyclability at the end of its lifetime as well as to take into account sustainable sourcing of materials for all floor covering product groups covered by CEN/TC 134. The overall target is to avoid waste and pollution and to achieve a product fit for the circular economy.
In a linear economy, the focus of product design is on developing new products without considering the recycling or reuse of the raw materials used.
This document provides guidance for processes allowing for (raw) materials used to be returned to the economic cycle based on circular design principles. The focus is on open systems that allow for economically interesting alternatives and are not limited to the principle of closed cycles (product to product).
Specific attention is given to renewable materials, where applicable.
The document is structured along the life cycle of the products, starting with the production phase.
Excluded is packaging, which is not considered part of the product end-of-life stage.

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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 18075:2024
50.20 Početak postupka odobravanja definitivnog teksta nacrta standarda
18. 4. 2024.

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