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IEC TR 61243-6:2017 ED1

Live working - Voltage detectors - Part 6: Guidelines on non-contact voltage detectors (NCVD) for use at nominal voltages above 1 kV AC
3. 3. 2017.

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60.60     3. 3. 2017.


TC 78

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IEC TR 61243-6:2017(E) is applicable to portable non-contact voltage detectors (NCVD) with built-in power source, to be used to indicate the presence or the absence of the operating voltage on electrical systems for nominal voltages above 1 kV AC and frequencies of 16 2/3 Hz, 50 Hz and/or 60 Hz. This document describes only devices, and their behaviour, using electric field and voltage gradient detection principles even if other principles could be used. It provides performance guidelines, recommendations for use and recommended minimum criteria for selection.

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IEC TR 61243-6:2017 ED1
60.60 Standard objavljen
3. 3. 2017.