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ISO 24527:2020

Service activities relating to drinking water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems — Guidelines on alternative drinking water service provision during a crisis
30. 4. 2020.

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60.60     30. 4. 2020.


ISO/TC 224

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13.060.20     03.080.30  




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This document provides guidelines on alternative drinking water service (ADWS) provision during a crisis.
This document addresses:
a) ADWS principles and methods;
b) ADWS operational planning and implementation.
This document is not applicable to:
1) planned water supply interruptions forming part of drinking water utilities' normal operations;
NOTE However, many of the principles and methods described can be appropriate in such circumstances.
2) drinking water supplied for the ongoing operation of key establishments and facilities during a crisis, such as hospitals, homes for the aged, schools, reception facilities and vital plants;
3) water supplied for industrial, agricultural or commercial purposes;
4) water supplied to temporary settlements such as refugee camps;
5) the development and implementation of a crisis management system for water service, which is covered by ISO 24518 and ISO/TS 24520.

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ISO 24527:2020
60.60 Standard objavljen
30. 4. 2020.