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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-2:2014

Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 5-6-2: Systems engineering — Management and engineering guide: Generic profile group: Basic profile
7. 8. 2014.

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90.92     11. 1. 2023.



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ISO/IEC 29110 is applicable to Very Small Entities (VSEs). VSEs are enterprises, organizations, departments or projects having up to 25 people. The lifecycle processes described in the set of International Standards (IS) and Technical Reports (TR) are not intended to preclude or discourage their use by organizations bigger than VSEs.
ISO/IEC 29110-5-6-2:2014 provides the management and engineering guide to the Basic Profile described in ISO/IEC 29110-4-6 through Project Management and System Definition and realization processes. It is a standalone guide; it is not intended for a VSE to use the standardized profile to implement ISO/IEC 29110-5-6-2:2014.
ISO/IEC 29110-5-6-2:2014 applies for non-critical systems development projects. The system development should fulfil the project requirements and the system description.
ISO/IEC 29110-5-6-2:2014, a VSE can obtain benefits in the following aspects:

An agreed set of project requirements (technical part of contract) and expected products are agreed by the Acquirer.
A disciplined management process, that provides project visibility and corrective actions of project problems and deviations, is performed.
A systematic System Definition and Realization process, that satisfies Acquirer needs and ensures quality products, is followed.

VSEs developing software that is part of a larger system, and for stand-alone software products and services, are encouraged to use the management and engineering guide of the Basic Profile (ISO/IEC 29110 5 1-2).

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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-6-2:2014
90.92 Odluka o izmeni ili reviziji standarda
11. 1. 2023.


ISO/IEC CD 29110-5-6-2

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Sistemski i softverski inženjering – Profili životnog ciklusa veoma malih entiteta (VSE) – Deo 5-6-2: Sistemski inženjering – Uputstvo za menadžment i inženjering: Generička grupa profila: Osnovni profil

90.92 Odluka o izmeni ili reviziji standarda

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