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ISO 14835-1:2016

Mechanical vibration and shock — Cold provocation tests for the assessment of peripheral vascular function — Part 1: Measurement and evaluation of finger skin temperature
9. 2. 2016.

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90.93     10. 6. 2021.


ISO/TC 108/SC 4

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ISO 14835-1:2016 specifies
a) the methods for measuring the finger skin temperature (FST),
b) the procedures for conducting the measurements (including the performance of cold provocation tests), and
c) how to report the measurement results.
The methods specified in this part of ISO 14835 are designed to assist in the collection of basic data for a quantitative evaluation of vascular response to cold provocation, and to enable specification of normative figures.
ISO 14835-1:2016 is applicable to the measurement of FST in response to cold provocation for the assessment of various peripheral vascular disorders in persons exposed to hand-arm vibration, and is intended to be used together with a battery of tests for diagnosing hand-arm vibration syndrome.

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ISO 14835-1:2005

ISO 14835-1:2005/DAmd 1


ISO 14835-1:2016
90.93 Odluka o potvrđivanju standarda
10. 6. 2021.