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ISO 22477-2:2023

Geotechnical investigation and testing — Testing of geotechnical structures — Part 2: Testing of piles: Static tension load testing
25. 7. 2023.

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60.60     25. 7. 2023.


ISO/TC 182

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This document establishes the specifications for the execution of static pile load tests in which a single pile is subjected to an axial static load in tension in order to define its load-displacement behaviour.
This document is applicable to vertical piles as well as raking piles.
All types of piles are covered by this document. The tests considered in this document are limited to maintained load tests. Cyclic load tests are not covered by this document.
NOTE            ISO 22477-2 is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1997-1. Numerical values of partial factors for limit states and of correlation factors to derive characteristic values from static pile load tests to be taken into account in design are provided in EN 1997-1.
This document provides specifications for the execution of static axial pile load tests:
a)       checking that a pile behaves as designed,
b)       measuring the resistance of a pile.

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ISO 22477-2:2023
60.60 Standard objavljen
25. 7. 2023.

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