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ISO 16192:2024

Space systems — Lessons learned — Principles and guidelines
4. 1. 2024.

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60.60     4. 1. 2024.


ISO/TC 20/SC 14

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49.140     49.020  




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This document specifies lessons learned principles and guidelines that are applicable in all space project activities (management, technical, quality, cost and schedule).
The application of this document is intended to be included in the supplier quality management system, but can be tailored in individual contracts as agreed by the customer and supplier, depending on:
—     the content of each project (size, technological level and novelty, particular organization, participants, etc.);
—     the interest and usefulness of the related information.
The lessons learned information can result from any situation which can be encountered in similar contexts for future projects, i.e.:
—     undesirable experiences to be avoided;
—          strategies, rules, principles of design, validation, tests and operations proved to be successful or necessary.
This document neither endorses nor recommends the transmission of company proprietary information to external entities as part of a lessons learned process.
Implementing a formal lessons learned process as outlined in this document makes it possible to capture and benefit from this information.
The lessons learned activity is an important contribution to the processing of the preventive and corrective actions specified in ISO 9001, ISO 17666, ISO 14620-1 and ISO 23460.
This document also provides lessons learned processes and suggested lessons learned forms.

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ISO 16192:2017


ISO 16192:2024
60.60 Standard objavljen
4. 1. 2024.