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prSRPS EN ISO 18127:2023

Kvalitet vode- Određivanje organski vezanog fluora, hlora, broma i joda (AOF, AOCl, AOBr, AOI) koji mogu da se absorbuju- Metoda sa sagorevanjem i naknadnim hromatografskim merenjem

Water quality - Determination of adsorbable organically bound fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine (AOF, AOCl, AOBr, AOI) - Method using combustion and subsequent ion chromatographic measurement

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10.99     26. 4. 2023.



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This dcoument specifies a method for the determination of fluoro-, chloro-, bromo- and iodo-organic compounds (AOF, AOCl, AOBr, AOI). Due to the high solubility of AgF in water the scope of ISO 9562 is restricted to Cl-, Br- and I-organic compounds (AOX, calculated as chlorine) because of the applied argentometric detection. The PN follows the proven AOX ISO 9562 method: adsorption of organohalogen
compounds on activated carbon, oxidative combustion at 1000 °C with following alterations: constant water feed during combustion (hydropyrolysis), absorption of combustion gases in water, halide specific detection using ionchromatography. The method is applicable for the determination of
2 µg/l AOF, expressed as F
10 µg/l AOCl, expressed as Cl
1 µg/l AOBr, expressed as Br
1 µg/l AOI, expressed as I.
Samples for determination of AOF are treated differently than samples for the determination of AOCl,
AOBr and AOI.
- Samples for determination of AOF are not acidified. The adsorption takes place under unchanged pH
conditions. Washing is also performed with a neutral washing solution.
- Samples for the determination of AOCl, AOBr and AOI are adjusted to a pH value 2 with nitric acid,
the adsorption and washing take place in a nitric acid environment.

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prSRPS EN ISO 18127:2023
10.99 Novi projekat se prihvata
26. 4. 2023.

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